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The focus is to implement mobility transport applications and solutions that are adaptable and easy to deploy across a collaborative network of connected business units. G&M Automotive Transport (GMAT) Professional Services Group is uniquely positioned to provide device-to-cloud tools, dynamic AI scheduling solutions that help small-to-medium size businesses to maximize the use of limited resources and ensure that valuable assets (passengers) remain safe.

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We Embrace the Mobility Challenges

GMAT takes pride in providing on time passenger transport to and from non-emergency medical scheduled appointments. Our mission is to help veterans and seniors improve and maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle and to maximize their quality of life. GMAT is concerned about the ever-changing demographics in our service area and committed to growing and adapting our marketplace network to embrace the mobility challenges.

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  • Mobility Challenges Facing Veterans Reports have identified problems, concerns, and challenges with transportation services provided to veterans. There are approximately 23 million veterans of military service in the United States today.

    VHA Reports
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  • Millions of Americans are considered to be “transportation disadvantaged,” because they cannot provide or purchase their own transportation. Lacking available or affordable transportation, they miss routine care or preventive services, which can lead to a need for emergency care and preventable hospitalizations.

    TCRP Reports
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  • GMAT offers a full range of non-emergency transport services designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Timely, reliable, measurable and efficient non-emergency transportation enables our customers to continue to improve paasenger access and flow while realizing substantial cost savings

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