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Jul 22

G&M Automotive Transport (GMAT) Veteran Services

G&M Automotive Transport Inc. Inc. Provides Transportation Services for the Disabled Veterans and their Families

G&M Automotive Transport Inc. Inc. (GMAT) is a leading service provider for private non-emergency disabled veteran transportation. Located in Dallas, Texas, GMAT takes pride in providing on time disabled veteran transport to and from non-emergency scheduled appointments. With a fleet of transport vehicles, our demonstrated ability to provide diverse non-emergency patient transport options and our team of highly qualified patient-care attendants, GMAT is a leader in the industry

GMAT provides all of North Texas and the Dallas Metroplex area with appointment scheduled veteran transport. With veteran care and safety of the highest priority, we pursue continuous improvement in the way we manage and operate our business.

Research Results Digest 99: Improving Mobility for Veterans

There are approximately 23 million veterans of military service in the United States today. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a comprehensive system of services to our veterans. The VA offers assistance to eligible veterans who are traveling for medical care.

VHA reports FY 2010 expenses for the Beneficiary Travel program of $750 million. Despite this level of support, there are numerous reports of veterans having difficulties accessing VA health care or other destinations that offer resources, which are critical for life sustaining and life enriching activities.

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